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How Nubevest helped Construction business in Queensland

About the Business :

A reputable construction company located in Queensland, specialising in residential and commercial projects. Despite their solid reputation in the local market, they aimed to expand their digital presence and attract a wider clientele.

Issue :

Despite their strong reputation, the construction company faced challenges in translating their local recognition into an online advantage. Their website lacked visibility, resulting in limited online inquiries and an untapped online market.

Discovery :

Comprehensive analysis revealed that their website’s SEO was insufficient, leading to poor search engine rankings. Their social media presence was minimal, failing to convey the scope of their projects and connect with potential clients effectively.

Solution :

We developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to their construction objectives, which encompassed the following strategies:

  1. Website Optimization: We restructured their website, implemented SEO techniques, and improved user experience to facilitate smooth navigation.
  2. Content Enhancement: Engaging project showcases, informative blog posts, and striking visuals highlighted their construction expertise.
  3. Social Media Activation: Consistent and visually impactful content was created for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  4. Local SEO: We optimised their Google My Business profile for local searches, aiding Queensland-based clients in discovering their services.

Strength :

The construction company boasted a skilled team of professionals, a history of successful projects, and a reputation for timely delivery. Our challenge was to channel these strengths into a compelling online narrative resonating with their target audience.

Results :

Over six months, the construction business experienced notable advancements:

  • Organic website traffic doubled, with product pages gaining higher visibility on search engine results.
  • Social media engagement surged by over 250%, broadening their brand’s digital footprint and interactions.
  • Their Google My Business listing witnessed a 70% increase in clicks and queries.
  • Online sales increased by 40%, with a significant rise in new customers discovering their offerings.

This comprehensive case study exemplifies how Nubevest’s strategic digital marketing approach revolutionised an e-commerce business, bridging the gap between their product excellence and digital potential. The outcome: amplified visibility, engagement, and growth in the world of online retail.