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How nubevest helped an Education business in sydney

About the Business :

A reputable education institution in Sydney, providing high-quality courses and training programs. Despite their established offline presence, they sought to leverage digital platforms to expand their student base and amplify their educational impact.

SEO for education website

Issue :

Despite their reputation within the local community, the institution faced challenges in reaching a broader online audience. Their website lacked optimization, leading to limited organic traffic and missed opportunities to engage prospective students.

Discovery :

In-depth analysis revealed that their website lacked search engine visibility and failed to effectively communicate their courses’ value. Their social media platforms were sporadically updated, failing to showcase the institution’s educational prowess online.

Solution :

We designed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to their educational objectives, encompassing the following:

    1. Website Enhancement: We revamped their website’s architecture, implemented SEO best practices, and improved user experience.
    2. Content Enrichment: Engaging blog posts, course guides, and multimedia content were created to showcase their educational offerings.
    3. Social Media Strategy: Consistent and informative content was developed for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, showcasing their courses and achievements.
    4. Local Outreach: We optimised their online profiles for local searches, making it easier for potential students to discover their institution.

Strength :

The institution boasted a team of experienced educators, a history of academic excellence, and a network of satisfied students. Our challenge was to translate these strengths into a compelling online narrative that resonated with their target audience.

Results :

After a span of six months, the institution witnessed substantial improvements:

  • Organic website traffic doubled, with key course pages ranking higher on search engine results.
  • Social media engagement surged by over 180%, amplifying their brand awareness and interactions.
  • Their Google My Business listing experienced a 50% increase in clicks and inquiries.
  • Course inquiries and applications increased by 25%, resulting in a noticeable rise in enrollments.

This detailed case study exemplifies how Nubevest’s strategic digital marketing approach revitalised an education institution’s online presence, bridging the gap between their offline prestige and digital potential, leading to enhanced visibility, engagement, and growth in the education sector.